Monday, March 14, 2011

Clutter of my mind

I can be driving home from work, and thinking about the day's events.  Sitting there watching T.V, and zoning out with all the things I see on the news or hear people say. Laying in bed at night, with thoughts of to-do's and what-if's and can-I's.  One way or another, my mind is constantly filled with all the thoughts racing around. Yet, trying to sit down and write daily like I want to, seems to be a struggle. 
How can I make my marriage better, and consistently put effort into it growing and building. Finding a way to get along with my stepkids (mostly my stepdaughter) and be kind and patient and take deep breaths. Ways to FINALLY put myself on my own list (and at the top of the list too), and work on doing things I like and getting healthy because I deserve it. How much I enjoy my two friends; and while sometimes it seems like I have no friends really, I barely have time for the two I have and I love and enjoy both of them, I need to see them more and girlie time is definetely good for my soul. How run-on sentences, where I ramble on, is not proper english. LOL.  I need to take time here and there, to sort out this cluttler of my mind. And, I need to get a voice recorder to help with this. HA!

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  1. Sometimes the run-on sentences and random rambling are what the soul needs. Sometimes that is the only way we can get out what we think and feel; or maybe, what we think we think or feel. Sometimes the uncertainty and clutter is actually growth. Sometimes the best way out of that feeling is just by going through it, and someway somehow you come out the other side better than you hoped. I have been in your shoes a lot these past few years with uncertainity and contemplation taking up residence in my heart and soul. So take a deep breath and smile... one of your friends is sending good thoughts and prayers your way that you find your way through! Hugs!