Sunday, March 27, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I just got home last night from almost 5 days of house/pet-sitting, and I realize I have learned a few valuable lessons from it. For one, damm it's good to be home! HA! 
As I get older, I am finding it harder to be gone from home for too long. I house/pet sit for another friend sometimes, but its usually only for a night or weekend, and I think that's about all I can do anymore. If I was single, I think it wouldn't bother me. But now being married, having my own animals, house,etc...makes it hard to be away. And it makes me grumpy, mad, and miserable while I am gone. Not at whom I am doing the favor for, but at myself. And I seem less tolerant of being at someone else's house, their animals, their bed, their everything. Makes me feel not so nice, and I think I am usually a nice chic. So lesson learned here, if its more then just a night or weekend, next time I will have to politely decline.
I was amazed at how damm good it felt to be home. Even in just my little modular home, it's home. Where my hubby is, whom tho I sound like a wimp, I don't like to be away from too long. Where my kitties are, who are my babies. My own bed, my own things, my own everything. I think we as human beings, have almost an unconscious knack, for taking even the smallest things for granted in our lives. Take a minute, and really think about that. About the things you are most grateful for, the everyday things we have..but don't take the time to appreciate. I for one, am very appreciative for all I have.

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