Friday, March 25, 2011

Judgements and Curiosities

I normally try not to be one of those judgemental people, who most people don't like (including myself), but lately it has "become me" it seems.  It probably doesn't help that I am unhappy with myself currently, and not sleeping well. While being in this judgemental state, it has also brought about a lot of curiosity kinds of questions. Step into my cluster of a your step, ha!
Is it an automatic thing that when you get a lot older, that you fit a certain "look" and "way"?  For example, why do so many older men have a limp in their step? Do you have to have the traditional short, "round" looking grey hair that you get washed and curled at the salon once a week? Why so many ugly tennis shoes and tube socks, why the sweaters and the kakhi's?  What's wrong with using seasonings in your food?  Do you lose all taste and style, do you just not care as you get to a certain age, its just about affordability and comfort?  I know that as you get older things change. Hearing and eyesight doesnt work as well. Many can't work and make the money they used to. Wake up earlier. Less hair. Bones get weaker. Don't eat much. Get grouchier. Now, let me retract a bit with the normal nice me and say...I love the older generations. They are the past, they have the experience. They have lived a full life with lots of memories. So my best guess, you just don't give a crap about some of that stuff anymore. It becomes little stuff that is irrelevant. Which is ok, it makes sense. But I will say, I'm hoping I don't conform to the "norm" on all of this. :)  Next....
The number of bad drivers seems to increase all the time. I really almost hate driving anymore. I never really was one of those kids that said "I can't wait till I get older", I knew it wouln't all be fun and games. So when I started driving, I knew it would be an interesting endeavour...but for awhile I didnt mind and it was kinda fun. That time is gone.  You got the tailgators; who even if you are going the speed limit or sometimes a bit over and you are in the correct lane, have to ride your butt. You got the slowies, who can't go the speed limit for the life of them, gosh forbid you go the legal posted limit. And you have the people who I don't know what to call; who drive in the fast lane but are going slower then the speed limit, then if you ride their butt (because they are in the wrong lane and speed) then they may get over to other lane but then speed up as if to say "screw you" for no real reason (except to maybe be jerks). There's the ones who don't use turn signals till the last second or at all, the one's who "California Roll" (altho I admit I am guilty of this), the one's who brake check every second, the one's who use 2 parking spots just because they are rude or are in a hurry. Oh my, the list goes on and on!  I'm not saying that I am a wonderful driver; I know that I too suck at driving sometimes, but hopefully not regularly. Notice I said "hope". Ha!
Re-reading my above rantings, I feel I sound so cranky and bitchy. I suppose sometimes it's hard not to get sucked up in the chaos of life, and all its trials. Perhaps I am just having a few weeks of being overcome by it all. Perhaps I won't re-read and edit, and just let it out. Thanks for or no one.... :)

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