Friday, March 4, 2011

The "Kids these days" Debate

Grumblings about the next generation has been an ancient tradition, in which many of us engage, including myself. Socrates observed that children were more disobedient, had less respect for authority, and had poorer manners, than his generation. Wow, now doesn't that sound familiar?! Although much has changed since the times of ancient Greece, complaints really haven't. I complain about these exact things when it comes to my step kids.
How many times as a kid did you hear..."when I was your age"?  Followed by eye rolling and a heavy sigh from you.  Was the world really perfect then? Back then they did drugs, smoked cigarettes, had sex, were out of control. Every generation has their vices. Kids these days have more in common with kids from those days then most people originally thought.The current generation of young people seems self entitled, cocky, lazy, and yes less manners and less respectful. You turn on the news or read the newspapers; its news on kid shooting at school, teen suicides from bullying, obesity, younger murderers who seem "perfectly happy and normal".  It's Facebook, and sexually explicit and profanity in music videos, violent video games. What comes after cell phones, internet, and all other social media? If the internet went down, phones out, cable off...would most be completely lost?  Some worry that the danger is not for our children to lose ability to do certain tasks, but to maybe lose their ability to think for themselves. Someone said "we're preparing a world of wifi connected zombies".   These things are not just teenage, but societal. Issues indicative of the era in which we live. We all have outside influences to blame.
And while I love my Facebook and cell phone as well, I'd like to hope I would be able to survive in this day and age without all that technology, if needed.  I try to remember that kids these days are different, that its harder and not the way it used to be, even from the mere 10 years ago that I was in school. It seems it requires a lot more patience, a lot more deep breaths.  And while "kids these days" do have; less manners more disrespect, and are more self-entitled...they are also the future, and we have to carry the hope that they will pull through this era....better and more knowledagable then we. :)

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