Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring is Springing

This winter has been pretty mild in Colorado in my opinion; hardly any snow and while its been cold it hasn't been severe really. Yet, I think many of us are feeling the spring itch. 
I was so excited to see tulips in the floral dept at the grocery store yesterday, I love the spring flowers! Potting soil and manure is bnow being sold outside stores. St Patty's Day shamrock plants are out, which are so cute. Iris's, Tulips, Daffadoils ...are all starting to come up. You can almost see the trees just waiting for their cues to start blooming away!  The grass is still brown, but it is just March. Spring is my favorite season, then Fall. The beginning and the end.
It's hard to NOT have it brighten your mood; just seeing all new life beginning again. Trees starting to get  green on their buds, flowers starting to peak through the rubbish, the days of blue skies are more frequent, and the birds even start to do some chirpimg. Kids starting to play outside more, being able to take walks in the fresh air with a friend, the bikes and skateboards getting pulled out of the closet. Mmmmm Yeah, I think I smell some spring coming on!

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