Friday, May 27, 2011

Excuse me, Mr. Officer?

I have been paying much more attention to the actions of police officers, and how they are sonmehow justified by the higher-up's and some of the people in the world.  ( As I mentioned in my previous post, my senses have been heightened lately to the subject of animals/law/governement lately with the shooting of my friend's dog unjustifiably.)
Now while a few people I know, whom are close to me, disagree with me on this...I do believe there is a time and place for police officers. Abuse, maintaining order in certain situations, investigating murders, and a few other things....are where I choose to believe its the right thing for the right reasons.  And I am sure some of them are actually nice people when they are at home, being a normal person. Yet, I draw the line and agree with my family/friends on most other things.  Again, I could rant on this for awhile..but let me share some examples.
I was behind a police offier yesterday on the way to work, a sherriff no less. We were waiting at a light, and you are supposed to wait at the white line. He just continued to creep over the white line, until he was halfway in the middle of the intersection.  If it was an average citizen, you would get a ticket.  He then proceeded to speed about 10 over the speed limit the whole way, again most would get a ticket. He never used turn signals, looked to be texting, etc.  Again, an average citizen would get a a ticket.  So who police's the police?  They are just given the power to do whatever they want mostly, with no consequence.
Do whatever you want on the road, cause no one will pull you over.  Arrest someone without getting their side of the story, or looking at the facts. Shoot a dog that isn't doing anything wrong, not attacking or lunging at you, just came over to see who you were. And if there was an investigation questioning your actions from the higher up's who are supposed to look at both sides, there will still be no consequences, so who cares. They will just protect their own, not the rights of the people.  Must be nice to walk around with a God complex knowing you can say and do mostly whatever you want, and little if anything, will happen to you.   And they wonder why so many people are against cops and not nice to them! How can we trust the system, and trust the officers, when this is usually how it is? 
It maddens me that things are this way, that so many officers of the law, rarely have to answer for their actions. And if they do, it gets covered up or excused. Don't we the people; who pay the taxes, have to obey the law or suffer the consequences, work for what we have, etc.....deserve the same from them as equals? They aren't "better" then the average citizen. Their life is not more prized then my own and my family's. It doesn't mean they can do whatever they want, take what they want, just because they went to school to be a police officer.  And it leads back to the higher-up's; the sheriff's, the chief of police, the mayor...the whole darn government who continues to allow it to be this way.  They makes speeches, write articles, talk to the news and newspapers.....about making changes, making it better.  Really....when?   I say...NOW!!!!!

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