Monday, March 12, 2012

Body and Mind Confusion

The body is constantly in motion, in change, a work in progress (sometimes not always for the good). It would be cool if it could tell you before it was gonna "make a move" or if you could see inside it, like those museum exhibits Body Worlds. Well, maybe not to that degree. Ha!
Though we are not currently trying for a baby just yet, its just around the corner. I am actively working on my dieting and weight loss. About six months ago, I did a great cleanse to help with my endometriosis. All these steps, to get my body healthy and prepped for a baby.  My Mom did just recently tell me that not everything goes as planned, and that you can't always live by that planning for the future. I suppose this is a good example of one of those times. And a good example that the body will act as it will, with or without your permission.
It appears despite all the healthiness I am creating, my body just stopped ovulating. Now my immediate responses were, "Why?"  and well some more, why's.  What changed for the worse? I have some theories, as does the internet. :)
Although my endometeriosis is a estrogen dominant condition, low progesterone can also be at play and create many of the issues or symptoms I currently deal with. Like really, hormones? Pick one, not both! Or god forbid just be normal already for once!   So I can take natural progesterone, which I took when I did the cleanse and my cycles were more normal. But yet my Dr. says when I do get prego that she'd prefer I don't continue taking it, yet I read online at a trusted fertility site that you most certainly can. I also read that if you take prenatal vitamins months before you try to conceive (which I do) that women are 40% less likely to have issues with ovulation then women who don't. The Dr. also mentioned that before we want to actively start trying, that I should get an ultrasound to make sure my ovaries are good and I'm not developing PCOS.  And I was reading in a magazine about  when it's time to conceive; tools to use such as fertility monitors, taking temperature, etc.  Talk about taking some of the fun out of it, gees!  I know, I know, don't jump to conclusions and get worried! But really, can we say ANNOYING!  :(        
I am hoping with my health history, my hubby being a bit older and liking his beer, and all the steps I am taking to become healthier and  fix this newest issue of not ovulating.........that when its time I wont be all that hard. I suppose time will tell. And we will check in with my body, the boss, at a later date.

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