Friday, December 28, 2012

Whirlwind months

Wow. Where do I start. Since August, TONS of things have came and went. Change has been a steady wind in the air. Here it is in a nutshell:
August started off with us selling our modular, having to find somewhere to move in a month, close on the house, pack and move. My hubby also started a new job, and the second week of his new job he was out of town and that was the week we moved. And our 2nd wedding anniversary.
Things seemed to be moving along nicely, and in September my sweet 8 month old puppy got out of the kennel he stayed at at a friends while we worked, and has never been found. That seemed to start a downward spiral for me. He was so special to me, and despite months of looking and hoping, I had to let it go and just choose to believe he had found a good home. Easier said then done, I miss him every day.
October and November primarily seemed to be a couple months of depression, and trying to get back into a normal groove. My hubby's hours are very long, he works 100 + hours in a 2 week time frame usually. It has been quite an adjustment; feel like I didnt get married to be alone all the time. Yet my hubby is so much better to be around, a happier man thats rarely grumpy now. The money is better and its a great job. So basically I am just trying to adjust, and its getting easier all the time. I suppose its just an adjustment curve type thing. :)
On a good note, we live in a great rental that we feel very lucky to have. We rescued a great new little puppy that we love, she keeps up on our toes. My hubby is happier.  I'm doing my best to believe that this upcoming year will be a good one. The whirlwind is dying down......I hope :) 

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